Author: Mike Koran

6 Reasons To Cut Your Own Holiday Tree

Venture into nature, breathe in the pine-scented air, feel the warmth of family laughter, and handpick your own tree. Read on to know why this tradition is more than just decor, plus essential tips for a memorable experience.

6 Ways to Volunteer and Help Your Community This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there’s no better time to make a difference in your community. So, if you’re looking for ways to share your blessings, check out this list of where you can volunteer and give back to your community.

Q2 2023 U.S. Housing Market Update

Wondering what’s happening with the housing market? In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the trends, insights, and statistics that shape our nation’s real estate landscape for the second quarter.

Top 6 Haunt Ideas for Halloween

The spooky season is finally here and it’s time to embrace the eerie! Check out 6 of the most chilling attraction ideas to get into the Halloween spirit.

A Comprehensive Guide to the 2/1 Buydown Mortgage

Thinking of owning a home and craving a lower interest rate? Need to make those monthly payments a bit more budget-friendly? The 2/1 buydown mortgage might be for you!

The 6 Most Anticipated Fall Activities You Can Enjoy

Fall’s arrival means more than just cooler weather. It’s a ticket to a vibrant medley of hay rides, pumpkin patches, and outdoor escapades. Join me as we unwrap the best autumn family-friendly activities you can enjoy this Fall.

Your Guide to The Top 7 Zip Codes in the U.S.

Zip codes are more than just digits – it’s where your lifestyle, your family’s growth, and your investment unfolds. Join me as I unveil’s top 7 zip codes that promise a life of exceptional living in the U.S.

5 Instagram Design Accounts for Endless Inspiration

Time to elevate your home aesthetics? These 5 Instagram feeds feature stunning visuals and innovative concepts that are sure to ignite your passion and spark your creativity.

The 15 Most Sizzling Pizza Spots in the United States

Cheese, crust, and U.S. delight! With gooey goodness and sheer perfection, the saucy secrets are out and we’re ready to reveal the crème de la crème of pizzerias.

Q1 2023 United States Housing Market Update

This year’s Q1 housing market update is in! Stay informed and ahead of the curve as we unveil the most up-to-date trends, data, and insights that shape the nation’s real estate landscape.

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