The Seven Most Expensive U.S. Listings

Home prices went gangbusters in 2021 hitting record highs across the country. There are many reasons why this happened but we won’t get into them here. Instead, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the most expensive zip codes and individual listings in the U.S. currently for sale. It’s not surprising that most of them are located in California and New York, but Texas made an unexpected appearance as well. But first, let’s take a look at the most expensive zip codes in the country.

Most Expensive Zip Codes

The most expensive zip code in 2021 went to a perennial favorite, Atherton, California 94027. That’s number one on the list thanks to a median sales price of $8,950,000. That’s also thanks to a lot of tech money as this zip code is located in Silicon Valley. 

Second on the list is Fisher Island, Florida. 33109 lies just south of Miami Beach and east of Miami. It has a median price of about six million thanks to the average per capita earnings of its residents which is two million dollars per year. The third top spot goes to 11962 in the Hamptons, the town of Sagaponack, in particular. This enclave on Long Island is where Billy Joel calls home.

Other contenders include that famous zip code in Beverly Hills, 92010, with a median list price of just under six million. Another town in the Hamptons, Water Mill, NY takes the fifth spot with the remaining five spots all located in the Golden State.

1. Beverly Hills, 9650 Cedarbrook Drive, Beverly Hills, CA

The most expensive listing is in Beverly Hills which should surprise absolutely no one. For a mere $250 million, this home is the largest residential property in LA with over 70,000 square feet to get lost in. You can spend entire weeks on one level without ever setting foot on the other two. You may not need 19 bedrooms or 33 bathrooms but if you ever host a marching band or a soccer team, you’ll be all set. The garage itself takes up 3,000 square feet of space plus there’s also a pool, of course, a gym, wine cellar, and sauna. The views from all three levels, which all include plenty of outside space, are spectacular. If you’re interested in this property, you’ll need some patience as it is still under construction.

2. Casa Encantada, Bel-Air, CA 

Whoever has the 225 million bucks to buy Casa Encantada will truly be the prince or princess of Bel-Air. This home, with interior design by James Dolena and T. H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, is a work of art. Constructed in 1937 in the Georgian style it offers 40,000 square feet of property and a full view of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding city. The architecture alone is stunning but the gardens and surrounding landscape offer beauty and privacy. Hotel magnate Conrad Hilton once owned Casa Encantada. Whoever the new owners are, they will have full access to tennis and basketball courts, beautifully designed pool and pool house, screening room, and garden views from every room (there are 60 of them!)

3. Mesa Vista Ranch, Roberts County, TX

California is the home of six of the most expensive zip codes in the U.S., but you’ll have to travel to Texas with $220 million in hand if you want to live on this 100 square mile ranch in Roberts County. The land was purchased by financier T. Boone over 50 years ago. Today the property has been improved upon quite a bit since the time when the only structure was a metal feed house Pickens used when quail hunting. The next owners will instead enjoy a home featuring a wine cellar, movie theater, gym, library, and game room. There’s still plenty of land for hunting as well as amazing views of the Canadian River. 

4. 217 West 57th Street 127/128, New York City

Of course, New York City is on the list. With limited space in a city of over 8 million, there’s nowhere to go but up. In this case, that means 1,300 feet above the ground in an 11,535 square-foot duplex located atop Central Park Tower. That makes this the highest duplex in the highest residential building in the world. The price is pretty high too at $150 million. If you purchase this duplex, Central Park will be your new neighborhood as you enjoy the views of NYC and the Hudson River through floor-to-ceiling windows. You’ll also enjoy a grand salon, eight large bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a library, and access to pools, a spa, a theater, a ballroom, a lounge, and a wellness center.

5. Green Gables, Woodside, CA 

We return to California for the number five spot on our list of the U.S.’s most expensive real estate listings. For $135 million, you can live in a home that’s a mix of inspiring nature and architecture. The property has a natural water source, an orchard, and many beautiful gardens in addition to the 32 bedrooms and 26 bathrooms you’ll find outside. The estate covers 74 acres that have remained intact for over 120 years. For physical activity, there are swimming pools and a tennis court. For mental activity, there’s an art studio, and for relaxation, a tea house.

6. Lily Pond Oceanfront Estate, East Hampton, NY 

Named for Lily Pond Lake where this luxury home is located, the East Hampton beach residence lists for $115 million. What you get for that is private access to the ocean set on 385 acres of land. For indoor activities, there’s a Jacuzzi and heated Gunite pool. Outdoors, enjoy a game of tennis, go for a swim in the ocean, or simply take in the scenery.

7. El Rancho Tajiguas, Santa Barbara, CA

For a little over one hundred million, $110,000,000 to be exact, you can enjoy 3,500 acres of El Rancho’s beautifully landscaped grounds located along the Gaviota Coast. Spectacular views of the Pacific, as well as the surrounding gardens, will bring you well-earned peace from your prosperity. If you ever do get tired of looking at the ocean, you can always take a dip in your pool, screen a film in your movie theater, or enjoy a bottle from your wine cellar.

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